Walter Schmidt VSO CPA

The American Legion’s BurnPit

In Veteran Service Organizations on November 24, 2011 at 7:14 pm

On most of the FOBs and COBs (Forward Operating Bases and Contingency Operations Bases) the trash that accumulates each day is put into a burn pit, most often a 50-gallon drum, liberally sprinkled with gasoline, and incinerated. On cold mornings, groups of service-members and local allies can be found huddled around the burn pit seeking warmth and camaraderie. Although the health risks associated with such behavior are only now fully being recognized, troops have long suspected this was not an entirely healthy endeavor. But, most were willing to join their brethren for the heat, the conversation and the feeling of belonging to something bigger than themselves. The American Legion Burn Pit is no different: slightly irreverent, fluid, fast moving, and meant to inspire the sort of “water cooler discussions” which the burn pits on COBs and FOBs foster. It can be found at with recent items below.


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